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Multi-Player tips and tricks

There is a luxury of weaponry in Call of Duty Mobile and you can amass and upgrade these weapons, smear skins and select your loadouts for playing multi-player games. Using this free Call of Duty Mobile hack, you can purchase legendary skins with free CP.

Build your XP to reveal more loadouts: As you play, you will earn XP to rank up and reveal extra loadout slots. You can have ten different loadouts, each with primary and secondary weapons, grenades, operator skill and three perks, meaning you can change loadout for different maps.

Select your weapons wisely: The loadout you transfer to determines what you enter the game with and this will transform based on the map and game type you're playing. Maps like Killhouse, Hijacked and Nuketown are sizeable for SMGs because of its close quarter combats; a map similar to Crossfire is great for extended range weapons. Having ten loadouts means you can change during a match to suit the condition.

Upgrading weapons: Rewards can get you weapons cards for upgrades and this can mean from adding scope to elongating the barrel. The weapon features chart will show the impact of those changes you are making and this can make a vast impact to how that weapon performs in the game.

You cannot certainly hide in multi-player: While you can stay out of view, or find an angle or structure to lurk in, when playing multi-player, the opponents are distinguished by the enemy wearing red blazes on their uniform. Camouflage does not really matter in that space, as you can see the red marks even when hiding. You can be marked by a UAV and located on the mini-map; so, remember, you're not indiscernible.

Move continuously: Since you can't hide, standing still makes you an easy target. Keep moving so the enemy can't aim you easily. A skill you should be accustomed to is attacking sideways while keeping the enemy in your sights. Bend into shelter when you run out of ammo, pop out again to engage. It's simple use of refuge, but it works really fine.

Slide often: You can tap the crouch button when running to slide. This is impulsive and gives you a much better opportunity of making it to cover and prevent getting shot.

Get acquainted with crouch: Lying down in Call of Duty Mobile multi-player modes will regularly mean you get shot (unlike other shooter games where it's really useful). But the crouch is actually useful, reducing your visible area while still allowing you move around. There's even a Perk for this called Skulker; which makes you faster when transiting in crouched.

Use sprint: Sprinting defines a faster movement. You can slide up the forward controller or tap the sprint button at the top right (default) to do this. There's a menu selection for "always sprint" too but use this with carefully, it sometimes means you can't stop as precisely as you want and you might end up moving into your enemy by mistake. There's also a Perk to make you quicker, use it.

Go to pistol: The MW11 or M1911 are great sidearm and it will eliminate your enemy just as readily as a rifle when you're close. Often, it's quicker to change to the pistol than to reload primary weapon. It's a great option for maps like Nuketown when game get crazy in the middle. Avoid using suppressor though it lowers the range.

Use grenades: When combat gets tough, often there isn't time to use a grenade, but it's a great move: on maps like Killhouse and Nuketown, throwing the grenade from one end to the other is equally easy and can swiftly wake up your enemy. Just ensure you don't run into your own grenade and ensure the opening immunity (invisible respawn) has expired.

Master the sticky grenade: Sticky grenade is excellent because it doesn't bounce or roll off. Throw it via a window, throw it to a wall and it stays there. It's great for clearing snipers out of hide outs, or clearing out enemies taking cover behind crates.

Mastering the scorestreaks: The scorestreaks are really useful. You have three spaces to fill and these can range from a hunter killer drone to a VTOL gunship which is mostly a game finisher. Some are AI guided, others are manually controlled. The predator missile, for instance, requires to be guided to its destination. The sentry gun can be positioned and left, cutting down the adversary when they come around a corner but can also be spoiled by enemy’s fire. To trigger scorestreaks, you need to get mix up with the enemy and take some scalps.

Take out enemy aircraft scorestreaks: The stealth chopper and VTOL can indeed harm your team, but you can shoot them down. Use an LMG and unload into it and you'll bring it down. Alternative, if you have the Sparrow operator skill with volatile arrows, a couple of hits from these will bring down aircraft. Lastly, two shots from FHJ or SMRS can destroy can shoot down stealth chopper and VTOL.

Take the fight to the enemy: In games like Team Deathmatch and frontline, take the fight to the enemy. Holding back might mean you're out of the game, not doing anything while your teammates are sealed in fighting. Locate those strategic places on the maps and dominate them, holding your enemy in.

Get fancy with smoke: Smoke grenades are practically very useful. If the enemy has held you down obviously or maybe there's sniper in a building you can't get past, smoke out the location by throwing smoke grenade through the window. You can also, drop smoke to give you shelter while you’re withdrawing from invincible respawned enemy. It's also useful in domination matches when you're capturing a location, hiding you from the enemies.

Select the loadout for the map and the team: The multi-player maps boost a range of dissimilar gameplay styles. Crossfire, for instance, has a lot of locations for snipers, while Nuketown does not. Diverge your loadout to suit the map and the team; if there are five players with sniper rifles on Nuketown, you might have difficulty winning. Be prepared to switch loadout to maximise team performance.

Complete Battle Pass tasks: With the renewed rewards system you can receive new weapons and characters throughout the season by completing Battle Pass tasks. It's worth accomplishing, because all you need to do is meet some requirements while playing to get rewards. Ensure you check your progress and you're doing the accurate assignments to get those rewards.

Top tip for Hijacked: If you're playing on Hijacked map (the boat), there's a secret passage via the hull that will take you from one end to the other. This can take you up behind the enemy so you can level up. Just go into the cabin and look for the manhole in the deck.


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I get addicted to this game, the controls are easy to play with your guidelines, I haven't seen any glitches in the game, and even better, it's not those kind mobile games with ads that make it look cool (well of course not it's COD). But if there is one thing I don't like about the game, it's because it requires most of my storage. Otherwise I absolutely love this game!

Love this Game and with you hacks i'm buying all skins, To put it as simple as possible, it's like black ops 2, but on the phone, with all the maps we love. And guns we love from most of the call of duty games. Been playing for quite some time on Apple, and Android, Performs very well and is only getting smoother each update. Thanks for a great game and to be honest, a very good call of duty.


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